jolene’s 7 top nutrition hacks

Including my favorite go to high protein shake recipe

I don’t know about you but I have an addiction to healthy convenience. Sure, I would love to sit down for all 6 meals of my day and say that I cook every single one of them from scratch. I would also love to say that I could stick to a life long habit of Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 or whatever other diet everyone else is doing or that I use MyFitness Pal every day. Reality is, I’m a busy wife and mom, on the go with lots of clients and business partners that need me constantly. Since nutrition is 80% of the results we are looking to get then it was and still is my top priority to make sure I get fed and get fed well.  Here are some of my fav nutrition hacks to promote healthy choices when I otherwise might turn to fast food or not eat at all.

1. Be intentional with your shopping

I love the concept of autoship either through my favorite on-line nutrition store or through Amazon. This ensures I never miss my favorite food or important vitamins. I love to use the Alexa Dot to make my shopping list for other items I can’t get on-line and only shop at two stores.  Alexa can also re-order with a simple command. I typically get my stevia liquid and PB2 powder this way. Costco and Fred Meyers are my go to stores for quality proteins, organic vegetables/fruits and grains. Another way to be more intentional is to sign up for Click-list or your grocery stores shop on line and pick up service.  Talk about a time saver and a great way to avoid picking up something at the store you didn’t need! One last thought; be proud of what you put on the conveyor belt at the grocery store.  You have to pay for it and if it comes home you are going to eat it! You’re family members don’t need the junk food either.

2. Make prep easy

I always say “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” so when you get home with those amazing protein, fruits and veggies be intentional about taking some time to cut up the veggies and put them in baggies for quick grab and go snacks, or wash the fruit so it’s a quick grab out of the fridge. For proteins like chicken, steak, pork chops or tofu think about immediately marinating in a freezer zip lock bag so that you can just grab it out of the freezer when you are ready to cook it.  Crock pots, grilling and baking make it easy to throw proteins, veggies and starches all together in one. I recently held a freezer meal workshop at my house.  It’s a lot of fun to work together with friends on a designated night.  Consider freezer meal workshops and picking one day of the week to shop and prep your food.  I prefer Sundays for shopping and prepping or a night when my kids both have activities and I can go shopping alone and come home to a quiet house with no interruptions.

3. Make protein a priority

Based on my macro breakdown for my caloric need I’m supposed to eat 140grams of protein every day.  Since our bodies can only assimilate a max of 40-50g at one time it’s important to Protein Pace throughout the day.  If I know I’m going to eat 5 times/day I need to have at least 28g of protein at every meal to make my goal by the end of the day. This is a give or take because some meals will be much higher and some lower.

4. De-Junk your pantry

If it’s in the house and you know it’s your go to vice, then why would you buy it.  Willpower will have to start at the grocery store for some of us.  But, if you are just starting your health journey then I suggest going through your pantries and getting rid of the junk food that you know will be your demise.  One of the hardest things for me to do is throw food or wine away! But I have to tell myself that it’s just as much garbage in my body as it is in the trash! Why are we so afraid to throw away the child’s left over cupcakes from her birthday? You know where they are going to end up if you don’t toss them! Be brave and toss the junk food.

5. Buy gadgets that make your life easier

Every single person in my house has at least one protein meal replacement shake per day. I gave up a long time ago buying junk magic bullets just to have them die on me a year later.  My favorite kitchen gadget is our Nutribullet blender! We can make salsa, margaritas and yummy protein shakes in that thing and it has lasted me years. My other favorite item is my battery operated whisk frother. I use it about 3 times a day to mix my protein coffee or to whip up my bedtime stress tonic.

6. Cleanse your body once a week

The coolest reason for fasting is that you have no need for cooking!! This is hands down one of the greatest nutrition hack of all and not only will the inches start falling off but you will notice a huge increase in energy. Fasting once a week is also considered to be one of the ways we can increase human growth hormone potential in our bodies.  HGH is responsible for building muscle and burning fat. Give your body a break from all the food and let the detoxification organs go to work at full capacity. I use Isagenix Cleanse For Life product throughout the fast day to promote a healthier detox.

7. Get Protein shakes

Since not all protein shakes are created equal I would suggest you look for one that is either Whey protein based or if non-dairy that it contains a blend of Rice and Pea proteins. Healthy whole food protein shakes in the form of meal replacements need to contain carbs, protein and fats.  Also, be on the lookout for artificial sweeteners in your shakes. If the sugar content is non-existant or super low it is a good sign the company is sweetening your shakes with artificial something or other.  If you are going to be eating something for years as part of a healthy lifestyle you want to know that your supplements and food are 3rd party tested and free of artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors.  I trust the brand Isagenix and have at least one Isalean Pro shake every day.  I like the chocolate flavor with PB2 powder and a little bit of coconut stevia. I really look forward to how I feel when I finish my shake.  Isagenix is designed to feed your body on a cellular level so you really feel the difference within 10 min.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie


1 cup ice
1.5 cups water
1 packet Isalean Pro Chocolate
2 TBSP PB2 powder
1/2 dropper full of Coconut Stevia liquid from Sweet Leaf


Place all contents in large Nutribullet Cup.
Blend for 30 sec or until contents in cup rise to the top while blending
Enjoy your thick shake and find links to purchase all my health hacks below!


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