Personalized Coaching

InBody Analysis


Want to know what your body is made up of? Schedule your Inbody 770 Appointment to learn. Let the InBody be your accountability partner! This is the only Inbody 770 machine in Spokane that measures phase angle (cellular health)! For the base price I will spend 20 min with you to go over the entire analysis and give you correct caloric and macronutrient needs based on your goals. You can choose to add on Health Coaching and an in depth interpretation of results with meal plan and even more specific caloric and macro needs breakdown.



20 Minutes: $50


Packages available at link below




Personalized Coaching

    • 30 min weekly call with just you and Jolene
      • Goal setting, homework, and accountability
    • Healthy Eating Guidelines PDF
      • Access to my Inner Circle 
        • Use of specialized app where meal tracking, training plan, and access to coach all stored in one place! Also access to my private FB group.
      • Kindle or Audible book club of choice/ mo.
      • If local to Spokane/North Idaho InBody sessions are free on a monthly basis. 

    $400/mo with a 3 month commitment. Click enroll now to schedule your on boarding apt.

    What are you waiting for?

    Today is the day you say yes to you!

    Starting out on your journey of change can be a lot like driving to a new location without GPS.  You think you are going in the right direction but you’re not sure.  It’s scary, there is a lot of uncertainty and often times after one wrong turn we give up only to drive back home, where it’s comfortable, where we won’t feel lost.
    Having a health coach is your GPS to reaching your final destination.
    The benefits to working with me is in the identification of your weaknesses and the key areas that are holding you back. As a coach I have tools to help us identify the problem, then we get to work building strategies and goals that will help give you the steps in the right direction to make the changes you want to make.
    Meet your Coach!

    Hello, my name is Jolene Fisher and I am a Nutrition focused Health Coach. I am a wife and mother of 3. I have a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science, and have received my Holistic Health Coaching Certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

    Before starting my own business, No Bad Days, I was a tired overstressed mom and wife. I was about 10lbs over weight and addicted to caffeine because I needed it to stay awake all day!

    Through the right nutrition, a healthy lifestyle and a renewed mindset, I was able to change my life and pursue my passions.

    Now, my vision is bigger than ever. I want to support and coach other women, to help them discover their true selves by addressing all of the lifestyle issues that are causing them to push fitness, nutrition and self-care to the back burner.

    I’m married to Adam Fisher and together we have Rodrick 21, Ally 17 and Sydney 15.

    As a family, we love watching my son play football at Washington State University in the fall and spending time together by playing games, reading and watching movies. I worked as a professor of health sciences for 12 years prior to quitting my job and pursuing my passion for entrepreneurship and owning my own business as a health coach.

    I now run a successful health coaching practice and enjoy educating and motivating people toward healthy lifestyle choices.