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Frequently Asked Questions

What is No Bad Days?

We are a platform for women who are coachable and striving to be their best in all walks of their life.  We employ the SIMPLE system in all that we do to uplevel our ladies lives. Spiritually, Intellectually, Mentally, Physically, Love/Relationships and Eating healthier is the name of the game here.  All our program offerings support these foundational principles.

Who does No Bad Days Serve?

Our online programs serve ladies ages 18 and over.  Personal coaching, meal planning and InBody are for everyone. Jolene Fisher, our health and nutrition coach has 20 years in the industry of exercise science, athletic training and nutrition studies.  She can help you with your goals but you must be coachable and ready for a change!

Why does No Bad Days exist?

We understand that people are going to have “bad days” from time to time.  But we believe that it’s the perspective and what we learn from everyone and everything that gives us the right to live in freedom from bad days.  The No Bad Days lifestyle is about believing in yourself and being free from strongholds and past hurts so that you can live out the life that was designed for you. We have developed programming online and individualized coaching to help you succeed long term. We believe lasting change isn’t an event it’s a process.  Our programs will take you beyond the other websites that offer short term “challenges”. We aren’t into quick fixes but lifelong strategies for loving yourself so that you can live in freedom with the body you desire.