4 Reasons to give Suspension Training a try!

If you are like most people you can’t always make it to the gym or you refuse to step foot in one because of one fearful reason after another.  There is no reason to make a multitude of excuses any longer about working out when there is an easy solution that any body type can utilize at an affordable price.  One of my favorite home gym pieces of equipment is the suspension trainer, check out this link to get your hands on my favorite brand, the TRX. TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit + Door Anchor, Complete Full Body Workouts Kit for Home and on the Road.

Here are the 4 reasons I think it’s a must for any BODY!


1. It weighs 3 lbs and fits in a small travel bag

This lends to portability anywhere you travel or want to workout.  Throw it in a backpack and take it to the park or next time you travel pack it in your suitcase.  The TRX comes with a longer strap for wrapping around objects as an anchor point and also a door stopper.  So whether it’s a tree or a door you are in business!

2. The TRX is a full body workout that is working the core with every movement.

Due to the angle you have to place your body with each movement it’s imperative you keep your abdominal muscle cinched in keeping your back straight and tight.  Avoid slouching or arching to make sure your back is protected. The hands or feet are gripping the handles at any given exercise which means the opposite half of the body is in contact with the floor making each exercise ‘close chained’. The compression through the joints of the body parts making contact with the ground are great for promotion of stability and balance.  It also causes multiple muscles to fire at once, making the most of each movement! When you wake up the next day wondering why you are sore all over you will then understand that TRX is deceptively harder than it actually feels.

3. The TRX allows you to adjust to your own individual fitness level


The suspension trainers rely on gravity and angles to increase the intensity of each exercise.  This is good news when you are first starting out! You have complete control over how hard it feels based on your position under the anchor points. Unlike dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells etc which require a large expensive set to increase resistance, simply changing your foot placement increases your resistance.  Which also allows you to move from one movement on the TRX to another very fluid and fast.  Decreasing time between different movements allows you to work the whole body!

4. It’s a one time purchase at a very low cost in comparison to buying a whole gym

The TRX in itself is a whole gym, the fact that you can get a whole body workout anywhere at a price equivalent to a couple months of gym membership is reason enough to make the purchase!

View my full TRX Workout below or download and save it for later!

Get Your TRX Suspension Kit Here!


Watch my TRX Intro Video above and follow each video tutorial before attempting workout.

Warmup Depends on Space Available (Assuming Home Workout)

30 sec Jumping Jacks 10 sec Rest Repeat 2x

30 sec Arm circles forward 10 sec Rest Repeat Arm Circles Backward

30 sec Alternating Lunges 10 sec Rest Repeat 2x

30 sec Body Weight Squat 10 sec Rest Repeat 2x

30 sec Imaginary Line Hops front to back over line 10 sec Rest Repeat 2x

30 sec Imaginary Line Hops side to side over line 10 sec Rest Repeat 2x

Round #1 Complete each section 2x

TRX squat rows 30 seconds

TRX tricep workout 30 seconds

TRX balance lunge right 30 seconds

TRX balance lunge left 30 seconds 2 minute rest

Round #2 Complete each section 2x

TRX chest press 30 seconds

TRX front squats 30 seconds

TRX power pulls right 30 seconds

TRX power pulls left 30 seconds 2 minute rest Round #3-Core Complete each section 3x

TRX mountain climber 30 sec

TRX crunches with side to side 30 sec Rest 1 min Repeat


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