Why Isagenix

Before Isagenix I was a tired, overworked and stressed out mom. I was addicted to a pot of coffee a day, and I still wanted to take a nap at 3pm every day. Betsy Frame, my Pilates instructor introduced me to Isagenix. The first 4 days of using the 30 day cleansing and fat burning system I was not feeling good. I was experiencing withdrawal from caffeine and detoxing from the junk in my system that had been stored up for several years. However, by day 5 I woke up out of my fog and was down about 3 lbs. I even went on a birthday vacation during my first 30 day system and by the time I came home I was down another 3 lbs. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to travel with this nutrition. I saved money and lost weight on vacation! Needless to say after that I was hooked. All in all my first 30 days I released 10 lbs and had my energy back. I cut coffee out completely and instead started enjoying my shake for breakfast as a replacement. Now 9 years later my whole family enjoys the products every day. We each have our own regimen, I still cleanse a couple times a month and enjoy 2 shakes a day. My husband and son enjoy 3 shakes a day plus a meal replacement bar to fuel their workouts and gain lean body mass. Our two teenage girls use the dairy free meal replacement shakes for breakfast everyday. I’m passionate about spreading the news about Isagenix because it is a solution for many people looking to lose weight, perform better in sports, get their energy back or just age better!


Weight Loss

When you achieve your goals in weight loss, you can move into any—or all—of our other incredible solutions.



Excel in the gym, on the field, and anywhere else you want to boost your competitive skills



Gain more energy during your everyday activities.


Vitality + Well-Being

Support a healthier life and age gracefully.


Wealth Creation

Isagenix is changing women’s lives, providing success in all areas of your life.