Mother. Wife. Coach. Ladyboss.

What you probably don’t know about me: I love fast cars and fashion. I’m a total girly girl!

My Story

I’m a mother of 3 and a happily married wife. I live in Spokane, WA and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a Master’s degree in Sports Medicine and Exercise Science.  I have been with the company Isagenix for over 9 years now and enjoy the network marketing industry married with my Health Coaching practice so that I can provide high-quality products at wholesale pricing for my customers. Isagenix products along with my high-level coaching are yielding great results in weight loss, increased energy, better performance for my athletes and quality supplements for my aging population. I enjoy working with motivated individuals who are ready for big changes in their life. I’m excellent at listening to the needs of my clients and understanding where they need to be pushed.


Lady Boss

I’m a natural born free spirited entrepreneur. I own No Bad Days which is my health coaching and Isagenix business. However, another big passion of mine is helping women discover their true selves through business ownership. This is why I lead a women’s networking group in Spokane as well as co-founded Own it. I help women thrive in the business they are already in love with or start a business that helps them grow personally as well as make a profit.

Isagenix Junkie

Before Isagenix I was a tired overstressed mom and wife. I was about 10lbs over weight, addicted to caffeine just to stay awake all day and at the time I started Isagenix I was dealing with an illness I just couldn’t shake from my body. My Pilates instructor Betsy introduced me to the 30 day cleansing and fat burning system and after 5 days I felt like my power cord had been plugged back in! I went on to shed the 10 sticky pounds that had been hanging around far too long as well as finally get my immune system to shut down the illness that had been plagueing me. Now after 9 years my whole family enjoys the shakes, bars, ionix and performance solutions. I have extreme workouts at 5:30am and I don’t know what I would do without the help of e-shots and AMPED Power!